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    Sep 20 2016

    Unable To use On screen keyboard in game.

    Hi I have a physical disability I can't use a regular keyboard. I use a gamepad and mouse. I have a triple monitor setup so I have the game running in window mode on the middle screen. and the one on screen keyboard on the left screen. The issue with using the onscreen keyboard I can Only enter one letter at a time in the game. like login to game trying to enter account information I click on box you type in the email/password it only lets me enter one letter at a time after i input a letter I have click the input box each time I enter one letter and it may take 5 trys with each letter I try entering one at a time. and I have same issue when trying to type in chat or pm. sorry about my bad typing.

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    Nov 20 2012


    Hi aicecoldone

    Looks like its been some time since you posted... I would like to make a suggestion you might be able to make use of and it works.

    If you own an Android phone and a Windows PC with an Intel chipset, you can now control one with the other using Intelís Remote Keyboard app.

    Whether you have built a DIY budget Windows HTPC or just want to start the next video on your desktop while lying in bed, you donít need to get up. If your computer mouse dies, your Android can be a good backup. In fact, this is a great way to repurpose an old phone into a nifty trackpad for your PC!

    I'm not sure if you have an Android device, but hope it helps.


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