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Technical Entropia Universe system requirements and technical discussion.

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Repair any VU without Full Re-installation

Temporary fix for VU 11.4.4.

This vu brings sorrow for players who can't manage to download public_users_data\dynamic_content\*.pak

If you have an error that it can't download a file from MA site, then the solution is here.


The client loader doesn't do resume download of public_users_data\dynamic_content\*.pak may cause by Download thread count when it is more than 1.

Solution: (This is on Windows XP)

1: Goto public_users_data\dynamic_content folder
2: Find the newest file that is created
3: Delete it
4: Launch the client loader, then it should download the deleted file again.
5: While it is downloading, click on Tools
6: Change Download thread count to 1

ps: don't use the self repair installation in Tools with this vu, it is broken and may cause more errors.

End Temporary fix for VU 11.4.4.

Entropiauniverse has a self repair installation starting from version 10.8.1.

There are two parts for this instruction, one is using self repair that comes with the ClientLoader and the second part is manually install patches.

Part 1

If you can start the ClientLoader then you can use the build in self repaired.

Let's start.

1: Click on Tools from the ClientLoader

2: Click Repair tab and click Start

3: If it finds some errors then click Yes to start repairing(it will start to download the corrupt/missing files)

4: Downloading corrupt/missing files, just wait.

5: it starts scanning again for corrupt/missing files.

6: If it finds unexpected files, you can click Yes to delete or No to keep them.

7: Repair is done.

Part 2

This instruction should also be called; How to re-run MA patches when patches failed for any reason or install patches manually.

There is a changed the way MA is patching since VU 11.
ClientLoader has to run as Administrator before it can download patches.
And version.txt is deleted when patch is canceled.

Let's start..

1: List of VU Number since

To fix the current VU.(presume current version is

a: open version.txt in entropia folder(default is at C:\Program Files\Entropia Universe)

b: you will see the second line in version.txt read like this..


2: Change the current vu number to the previous vu number in version.txt and save.

In this example the previous vu would be using the vu list on section 2 and it will look like this in version.txt


3: Make a copy/backup of the version.txt.

4: Now run ClientLoader.exe as Administrator

The client will download required vu and when it has finished it will try to run VU files; click Cancel.

You should now have an Update file in the same folder as version.txt and it should have a name like this.


5: Now copy your backup of version.txt to the Entropia folder.

6: Run the Update*.exe in the sequence order as Administrator.

How many Update*.exe you have depending on from what vu you want to fix from.

You can skip from step 3 to 5 if you download patches manually from the link below.(I try to make this up to date as possible)

Here is the list of vu file since
You can download them individually here.

Update_11.0.9.49875- - 27.5MB - 2010/06/03
Update_11.1.0.51168- - 8.3MB - 2010/06/03
Update_11.1.1.51229- - 8.3MB - 2010/06/03
Update_11.1.2.51247- - 11.5MB - 2010/06/09
Update_11.1.3.51617- - 198.4MB - 2010/06/21
Update_11.2.0.52969- - 17.2MB - 2010/06/23
Update_11.2.0.53148- - 457MB - 2010/06/30
Update_11.2.2.53823- - 44.9MB - 2010/07/07
Update_11.2.3.54304- - 8.9MB - 2010/08/10
Update_11.2.4.55012- - 65.1MB - 2010/08/16

You can browse all patches at:
(may not have the latest VU)

If you change CurrentVersion= in section 3 then all the above files will be downloaded.

That's all.

What about if you follow this procedure and still fail?

It is important that a good full installation for repairing any vu to be successful.

If your first time full installation has a corrupt file; any vu after that will not fix it.

Cut to the chase; here how to get the latest installation file.

First download the latest full installation with a good download program; don't use your browser(I know it has a resume feature but not good enough)

Latest Full Installation File Version:
Multiple setup files:

entropia_universe_setup_11.2.5.55331.exe 650MB
entropia_universe_setup_11.2.5.55331.2 650MB
entropia_universe_setup_11.2.5.55331.3 650MB
entropia_universe_setup_11.2.5.55331.4 650MB
entropia_universe_setup_11.2.3.54304.5 650MB
entropia_universe_setup_11.2.5.55331.6 650MB
entropia_universe_setup_11.2.5.55331.7 359MB

You can browse all setup files here in case this instruction isn't up to date.

Here the program I use when file is big: wget

1: get wget. download two zip files below and unzip them.


2: copy files in wget-1.11.4-1-dep\bin TO wget-1.11.4-1-bin\bin

3: copy the command line below to a Notepad and save it as a batch file to get-1.11.4-1-bin\bin (the file name; eg pe.bat and do the same with other setup files)

wget.exe -N --tries=88 --waitretry=180 --continue --read-timeout=44 http://download.entropiauniverse.com....2.5.55331.exe

wget.exe -N --tries=88 --waitretry=180 --continue --read-timeout=44 http://download.entropiauniverse.com...

wget.exe -N --tries=88 --waitretry=180 --continue --read-timeout=44 http://download.entropiauniverse.com...

wget.exe -N --tries=88 --waitretry=180 --continue --read-timeout=44 http://download.entropiauniverse.com...

wget.exe -N --tries=88 --waitretry=180 --continue --read-timeout=44 http://download.entropiauniverse.com...

wget.exe -N --tries=88 --waitretry=180 --continue --read-timeout=44 http://download.entropiauniverse.com...

wget.exe -N --tries=88 --waitretry=180 --continue --read-timeout=44 http://download.entropiauniverse.com...

for download from a proxy:
Add the proxy setting first and change proxy.testing.com.au:80 to your proxy name and port then add the list of download files below it.

set http_proxy=proxy.testing.com.au:80

You can download my full working wget with working examples(as I combined two zip files above):

PE_full_11_and_Patches.zip ... 20 Aug 2010
md5: a0f630d7e3514e69ee05245c167bb442

Batch files include with the above zip:

PE_Full_11.bat will download full 3.9GB installation file.(Multiple setup files)
PE_11_Patches.bat will download all patches after the full.



Other threads I created that may be useful for some:

Firewall settings for Entropia

Solution for Black Screen after a VU

Solution for lags for Nvidia users

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Nice info, I call for a sticky!

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