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Discover the Future of Gaming with NEVERDIE at Gam3rcon in San Diego
Jul 22, 14 - 7:14 PM - by Bertha Bot
Kill two Birds with one stone this year and visit Gam3rCon and ComiCon in one wild escapde to San Diego.! NEVERDIE will participate in a sure to be fascinating panel on the future of gaming, so be sure to stop by and say hello!   THE FUTURE OF GAMING FRIDAY 4:45 PM – 5:45 PM

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Entropia Universe Patch
Jul 07, 14 - 12:38 PM - by Bertha Bot
ComPet Deeds are now available on the Entropia Universe global auction via the PC client, and via the Virtual Tycoon Android app.

More information about the ComPet App:
  • The ComPet App will provide new business opportunities for MindArk, and will help to grow the Entropia Universe user base.
  • The ComPet App content and art style will be separate from that of Entropia Universe.
  • There are no plans at the moment to make ComPet pets available in Entropia Universe.
  • Development of the ComPet App will not negatively impact the development, nor the performance of Entropia Universe. In fact the servers will be entirely separate.
  • The economies of Entropia Universe and the ComPet App will be entirely separate.
Originally Posted Here
0 Replies | 562 Views
Jul 04, 14 - 9:40 AM - by Bertha Bot
Entropia Universe brings gameplay to Smartphone, Tablet and Web Browser!

Finally you will be able to play the Entropia Universe(EU) on different platforms.

The new Competition Pet (ComPet) system will provide features of Entropia Universe, including creature clashes, and bring them together in an exciting smartphone, tablet and web browser application.

Smartphone, tablet and browser users will be able to compete with one another by selecting one of the many pets available in the ComPet application. There are various maturity and price levels available to fit players of all types, including a free-to-play version. Once a pet has been selected the user will choose a number of “buffs” and “add-ons” that can both personalize the pet and enhance its combat prowess. Next, users carefully prepare a unique battle plan; this is a set of special instructions for the pet on how to engage its rival. Once the user is satisfied with the pet configuration, the pet can be entered into the ComPet Arena or enlisted for defense duty at the user’s home base. In any battle, trainers can win real cash prizes. If players play for free they can win special pet upgrades and points; if played for PED (Project Entropia Dollars), they can win more PED, which can be exchanged for real cash.


Additionally, any player can be part of this revenue opportunity and earn PED when smartphone, tablet and web browser users play the new Entropia Universe ComPet App. Before launch, 200,000 ComPet Deeds, priced at 100 PED (10 USD) each, will be made available through the webshop and in the Entropia Universe auction. Deeds can be acquired by anyone with an Entropia Universe account, even those who may not have installed the full Entropia Universe PC client software. They can alternatively purchase deeds through the Virtual Tycoon Android mobile app and start earning revenue from ComPet activity, which is scheduled for launch in Q1 2015.

Deed holders will receive 30% of the gross ComPet revenue. In addition, the ComPet affiliate program will enable users to recruit their friends and earn a 15% share of their recruited users’ activity. The remaining 70% (or 55% in the case of an affiliate-referred user) of revenue will go toward marketing, operation and support for the ComPet App. In conjunction with MindArk’s accountants, Price Waterhouse Coopers (PWC), the ComPet App accounts will be available for inspection and published on the Entropia Universe website.

The graph below shows the annual return on the ComPet deeds as a function of the number of paying users (possible revenue share from affiliate program not included).

... [Read More]
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Eomon Migration 2014
Jul 03, 14 - 4:34 PM - by Bertha Bot
Meet Calypso's Giants
The Eomon migration period is here. Take part in a spectacular piece of Calypso history and watch the majestic Eomon migrate over the plains of the Eudoria continent.

Known for its annual migration pattern and special loot, the Eomon migration has been a popular seasonal hunting event for many years on Calypso. In the wake of the mighty Eomon herd, predator creatures such as Atrox and Mul mutants also follow, making the migration of these majestic beasts a must-see for colonists of all professional standings.

Since the introduction of vehicles on Calypso, most colonists have the ability to get a glimpse of the migrating creatures from a distance, photo safari style, without putting their lives at too much risk. If you happen to catch a nice screenshot of the migration, be sure to share it with other colonists on Planet Calypso’s Facebook page.


Expected migration paths
Based on information gathered from previous migrations, RDI Xenobiologists have released the predicted migration paths for both the Eomon and the Longtooth species.

In the attached map, the predicted path of the Eomon is drawn in red with the migration starting in the eastern parts of the Eudorian continent, passing near Ashi before terminating in the south.
For the Longtooth, migrating during the same period, the estimated migration path is drawn in yellow. The Longtooth migration normally starts in the northwest in the Cape Corinth area, and ends near Fort Ithaca.

Creature Information

Creature - Danger Lvl - Health - Max Damage
  • Longtooth Young - 12 - 1600 - 29
  • Longtooth Mature - 14 - 1800 - 33
  • Longtooth Old - 15 - 1900 - 36
  • Longtooth Provider - 16 - 2000 - 39
  • Longtooth Guardian - 17 - 2200 - 41
  • Longtooth Dominant - 30 - 3980 - 70
  • Longtooth Alpha - 32 - 4160 - 74
  • Longtooth Old Alpha - 34 - 4280 - 80
  • Longtooth Prowler - 36 - 4400 - 86
  • Longtooth Stalker - 42 - 5000 - 98
Creature - Danger Lvl - Health - Max Damage
  • Eomon Young - 52 - 5020 - 139
  • Eomon Mature - 59 - 5240 - 152
  • Eomon Old - 68 - 8450 - 159
  • Eomon Provider - 72 - 9200 - 169
  • Eomon Guardian - 75 - 9660 - 174
  • Eomon Dominant - 78 - 9730 - 184
  • Eomon Alpha - 81 - 9880 - 195
  • Eomon Old Alpha - 89 - 11230 - 213
  • Eomon Prowler - 98 - 13450 - 230
  • Eomon Stalker - 124- 18720 289
Longtooth locations
South of Livas - Low to mid level
South of Minopolis - Low level
SE of Cape Corinth - Mid to high level

Eomon Locations
North of Nymphtown - Low to high
South of Minopolis - Low to high

Optional Event Mission
Hunting the magnificent Eomon is of course exciting by itself. However, your efforts can also assist scientists to better understand Eomon biology and migration patterns through the collection of biological samples.

Scientists in the RDI Xenobiologist department now believe that a number of questions can be answered by looking at Eomon DNA with new ... [Read More]
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Land deeds revenue Q3-Q4 2013
Jul 02, 14 - 12:31 PM - by Bertha Bot
Please see the attached file.

Originally Posted Here
0 Replies | 132 Views
Discover the Future of Gaming with NEVERDIE at Gam3rcon in San Diego
Jul 22, 14 - 7:14 PM - by Bertha Bot
Kill two Birds with one stone this year and visit Gam3rCon and ComiCon in one wild escapde to San Diego.! NEVERDIE will participate in a sure to be fascinating panel on the future of gaming, so be sure to stop by and say hello!   THE FUTURE OF GAMING FRIDAY 4:45 PM – 5:45 PM

0 Replies | 24 Views
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